Lady Katia
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of Vaegirs
Monarch King Yaroglek
Title Lady
Gender Female

Lady Katia is a noblewoman initially of the Kingdom of Vaegirs. She is 19 years old.


Parents: Boyar Vuldrat, Lady Junitha

Siblings: Boyar Druli

Note: Certain aspects of most NPCs are randomly generated at the beginning of every new game. These include all family lines other than parents, children, or siblings; personalities; and initial fief ownership.

Kingdom of Vaegirs
King Yaroglek Prince Valdym the Bastard

Boyar BelgaruBoyar BrachaBoyar CrahaskBoyar DoruBoyar DruliBoyar GastyaBoyar Harish
Boyar KhavelBoyar KumipaBoyar MarmunBoyar MerigaBoyar MlezaBoyar NalderaBoyar Nelag
Boyar RalchaBoyar RudinBoyar TaisaBoyar ValishinBoyar VlanBoyar Vuldrat


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Lady KatiaLady MynthaLady NeshaLady OlekseiaLady PelaekaLady Seomis
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