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Lady Agasia
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of Rhodoks
Monarch King Graveth
Title Lady
Gender Female

Lady Agasia is one of the Noblewomen of the Kingdom of Rhodoks. She is 49 years old.


Spouse: Count Talbar

Children: Count Reichsin, Lady Geneiava

Note: Certain aspects of most NPCs are randomly generated at the beginning of every new game. These include all family lines other than parents, children, or siblings; personalities; and initial fief ownership.

Kingdom of Rhodoks
King Graveth Lord Kastor of Veluca

Count EtrosqCount FalsevorCount FraichinCount FudreimCount GerluchsCount GharmallCount Gutlans
Count KurniasCount LaruqenCount MatheasCount NealchaCount RaichsCount ReichsinCount Reland
Count RimuskCount TalbarCount TarchiasCount TellrogCount TribidanCount Trimbau


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