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Vaegirs Banner

The banner of the Kingdom of Vaegirs.

The Kingdom of Vaegirs is a faction ruled by King Yaroglek in the Mount&Blade series. The Vaegirs possess arguably the finest foot archers in the game, and also have several tiers of reasonably good infantry and heavy cavalry. Vaegir troops prefer using two-handed weapons for an offensive advantage against their foes, and live in the mountainous and snowy north-eastern boundaries of the map. The claimant to the throne is Prince Valdym the Bastard.

The lords of the Vaegirs in Warband are called boyars, a title for lord in several Slavic languages.

Vaegirs are the second oldest faction after Swadia. This faction has been in the game since version 0.202.


King Yaroglek

King Yaroglek

Initial ruler

Prince Valdym the Bastard

Prince Valdym the Bastard



Boyar Belgaru
Lord Belgaru
Boyar Bracha
Lord Bracha
Boyar Crahask
Lord Crahask
Boyar Doru
Lord Doru
Boyar Druli
Lord Druli
Boyar Gastya
Lord Gastya
Boyar Harish
Lord Harish
Boyar Khavel
Lord Khavel
Boyar Kumipa
Lord Kumipa
Boyar Marmun
Lord Marmun
Boyar Meriga
Lord Meriga
Boyar Mleza
Lord Mleza
Boyar Naldera
Lord Naldera
Boyar Nelag
Lord Nelag
Boyar Ralcha
Lord Ralcha
Boyar Rudin
Lord Rudin
Boyar Taisa
Lord Taisa
Boyar Valishin
Lord Valishin
Boyar Vlan
Lord Vlan
Boyar Vuldrat
Lord Vuldrat


Also see Kingdom of Vaegirs Tactics.


  • Superb archers and light infantry.
  • Good horsemen with high maneuverability.
  • Strong offensive capabilities with two-handed weapons.
  • Inexpensive troops.


  • Poor defensive capabilities because of using two-handed weapons, instead of one-handed weapons with shields, by top-tier infantry and horsemen.
  • Vulnerable to cavalry (especially heavy cavalry).


The Kingdom of Vaegirs and the Kingdom of Swadia both have very similar troop trees, although Vaegir armies are, in general, cheaper to enlist and maintain, and are more numerous as a result. They also are more horse-based, with their tier 3 melee troop being a cavalryman.

According to Lezalit, the Vaegir people do not favor discipline or an organized command hierarchy, resulting in diverse but weak troops.

However, Vaegir Marksmen are arguably the best archers in the entire game. Although not as strong in melee combat and having less health than Rhodok Sharpshooters, they are the most accurate and boast the fastest shooting rate of all long-range units in the game. Provided a superior landscape and numerical advantage, it is more than possible for Vaegir Marksmen to devastate enemy infantry with a relentless salvo.

It is also important to note that because of the Marksmen's fast shooting rate, they tend to run out of arrows relatively quickly during a battle. Therefore, it is recomended that they are ordered to hold until the enemy comes within reasonable range. Although this tactic is very effective, it could also lead to infantry casualties if the timing is poor.


Vaegirs troops

Vaegir troop tree (Mount&Blade)

Vaegir Troop Tree
Lvl. 1 Vaegir Recruit
Lvl. 2 Vaegir Footman
Lvl. 3 Vaegir Skirmisher
Vaegir Veteran
Lvl. 4 Vaegir Archer
Vaegir Infantry
Vaegir Horseman
Lvl. 5 Vaegir Marksman
Vaegir Guard
Vaegir Knight


The factions which surround the Vaegirs are the Kingdom of Nords, Kingdom of Swadia and the Khergit Khanate. The capital of the Kingdom of Vaegirs is Reyvadin. The Kingdom of Vaegirs contains the following towns, castles, and villages:

Territory of the Kingdom of Vaegirs

Curaw Khudan Reyvadin Rivacheg


Bulugha Castle Dramug Castle Ismirala Castle Jeirbe Castle Nelag Castle Radoghir Castle Slezkh Castle Tilbaut Castle (M&B) Yruma Castle


Ayyike Bazeck Bhulaban (M&B) Fisdnar Hanun Ismirala Karindi Mazen Mechin (M&B) Rebache Shapeshte Shulus Slezkh Sumbuja Tadsamesh (M&B) Tebandra Tismirr (WB) Udiniad (WB) Ulburban Uslum Vezin

Note that, over the course of the game, other kingdoms may besiege and take over these lands, and the Kingdom of Vaegirs may gain more or less land. However, these places are the only places from which you can recruit Vaegir troops (without using a tweak, a script, or a mod that allows the recruitment of the current faction's troops).

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