Sweden Arms

The symbol of the Kingdom of Sweden.

The Kingdom of Sweden is a nation in Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword, located on the northwestern edge of the map of Eastern Europe.

It is ruled by King Carl Gustaf, and the claimant to the throne is Former Queen Christina. It is at the North-West area of the map.

Rulers Edit

King Carl Gustaf

Carl Gustaf

Initial ruler

Former Queen Christina

Former Queen Christina



General Brahe Wisingsborg
Brahe Wisingsborg
Governor-General Magnus De la Gardie
Magnus De la Gardie
Count Orvar von Goya
Orvar von Goya
Governor Anders Eriksson
Anders Eriksson
Elector Frederick William
Frederick William
Ratsherr Dirich Werneken
Dirich Werneken
General Arvid Vittenburg
Arvid Vittenberg
General Gustaf Evertsson Horn
Gustaf Evertsson Horn
Ratsherr Alexander Leslie
Alexander Leslie
Baron Gustaf Wrangel
Gustaf Wrangel
Baron Christopher Bjolke
Christopher Bjolke
Ratsherr Lennart Tortenson
Lennart Torstenson
Ratsherr Otto Standbok
Otto Standbok
General Simon Grundel-Hemfet
Simon Grundel-Hemfet
Ratsherr Konrad Marenfeld
Konrad Marenfeld
Ratsherr Fabian Von Wersen
Fabian von Wersen
Ratsherr Hans Von Koenigsmark
Hans von Koenigsmark
Ratsherr Nilson Kagg
Nilson Kagg
General Robert Douglas
Robert Douglas
Ratsherr Carl Lebenhaupt
Ratsherr Carl



  • Excellent musketeers.
  • Reliable infantry capable in going toe-to-toe with other infantry and cavalry.
  • Superb dragoons and heavy cavalry.
  • Strongest militia units in the game.


  • Lacking in light infantry.
  • Poor light cavalry.

Sweden is known for its heavy infantry, cavalry, and skilled musketeers. These aspects combined, Sweden is one of the most powerful factions. Crimean and Cossack Hetmanate cavalry can easily deal with Swedish shock infantry, but Swedish miquelet muskets, if in proper numbers, can prevent this. Polish Winged Hussars are perhaps Sweden's most challenging opponent. These hussars can ride through musket ranks and heavy infantry ranks. Swedish cavalry is capable of preventing this, but they are expensive to maintain and do not have the shooting skill of Cossack cavaliers, except the top-ranking Swedish Reiter, who is also equipped with the Good Broadsword, the most powerful one handed weapon in the game, although it's plagued with having the slowest speed of a sword in the game. When the horsemen are not shooting at enemies, they can ride through the ranks wielding said weapon, which has been noted to split groups up effectively. All in all, Sweden is a very general faction able in most all situations.

Troop treeEdit

Town Recruits Edit

Mercenary Camp Edit

Village Recruits Edit

Garrison Commander

Infantry Commander

Cavalry Commander

Heavy Infantry Commander

Heavy Cavalry Commander

Personal Guard Commander

Mercenary Commander







The territory of the Kingdom of Sweden contains the following Towns, Castles, and Villages.

Territory of the Kingdom of Sweden
Allenstein CastleDorpat FortressDynaburg FortressDzvinsk CastleNarvaVyborg


  • Out of all of the nations in Eastern Europe, the Kingdom of Sweden is the only one that exists in modern times as it does in With Fire & Sword, with only slight differences: its territories in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania are no longer Sweden's, and Finland is independent.
  • The Kingdom of Sweden was not fully shown in With Fire & Sword, because Sweden itself wasn't featured, and not all of Finland was shown either.
  • Ratsherr, a title shared by several Swedish vassals, is German for councilor, which would mean that these vassals were members of the Privy Council of Sweden, key advisers (and occasional co-rules) to the Swedish monarch. The title in Swedish would be "Rådsherre".
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