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Swadia banner

The banner of the Kingdom of Swadia.

The Kingdom of Swadia is ruled by King Harlaus, and the claimant to the throne is Lady Isolla of Suno.

Unlike in the original Mount&Blade, Swadian lords in Mount&Blade: Warband are called counts.

Swadia is the oldest faction in the game, as it has been around since version 0.202.

As a starting point, the Kingdom of Swadia is profitable as it is close to all of the other factions. This means that you can easily venture into any other nation and buy goods, then return and sell them in any Swadian town. Swadian lands are relatively safe for trade routes, with the most common bandits being weak Forest Bandits and occasional Mountain Bandits near the river at the frontier with the Kingdom of Rhodoks. The downside of starting in Swadia is that it has no specially priced goods of its own.


King Harlaus

King Harlaus

Initial ruler

Lady Isolla of Suno

Lady Isolla of Suno



Count Beranz
Lord Beranz Portrait And Banner
Count Clais
Lord Clais Portrait And Banner
Count Deglan
Lord Delgan Portrait And Banner
Count Delinard
Lord Delinard Portrait And Banner
Count Devlian
Lord Delvian Portrait And Banner
Count Despin
Lord Despin Portrait And Banner
Count Grainwad
Lord Grainwad Portrait And Banner
Count Haringoth
Lord Haringoth Portrait And Banner
Count Klargus
Lord Klargus Portrait And Banner
Count Meltor
Lord Meltor Portrait And Banner
Count Mirchaud
Lord Mirchaud Portrait And Banner
Count Montewar
Lord Montewar Portrait And Banner
Count Plais
Lord Plais Portrait And Banner
Count Rafarch
Lord Rafarch Portrait And Banner
Count Rafard
Lord Rafard Portrait And Banner
Count Regas
Lord Regas Portrait And Banner
Count Rochabarth
Lord Rochabarth Portrait And Banner
Count Ryis
Lord Ryis Portrait And Banner
Count Stamar
Lord Stamar Portrait And Banner
Count Tredian
Lord Tredian Portrait And Banner


Also see Kingdom of Swadia Tactics.


  • Excellent shock and heavy cavalry.
  • Reliable heavy infantry.
  • Strong at defense and offense.


  • Unreliable crossbowmen.
  • Very limited anti-cavalry infantry.
  • Expensive troops.


The Kingdom of Swadia is similar to the Kingdom of Vaegirs, as both factions have almost identical troop progression. Swadian armies are usually more expensive to support than those of the Vaegirs, and are usually not as strong in numbers.

At the beginning of the Native Campaign, the Kingdom of Swadia is the strongest faction in the game, although its central starting position means that it is usually tied up with wars on numerous fronts. The eastern town of Dhirim is likely to be regularly taken by neighboring factions.

Swadian melee troops prefer to wield swords, heavy maces, and voulges. Swadians also use crossbowmen instead of archers, yet it seems the bow is a common Swadian weapon among its forest bandits, arena fighters and hunters.

Swadian Knights are the most powerful cavalry units in the game, rivaled only by Sarranid Mamlukes. Swadian troops rely mainly on the strength of their Knights to power through all enemy formations.

Swadia also has some decent infantry, but not as good as Nordic infantry. Swadian infantry resembles a mix between Vaegir and Rhodok infantry. Swadia can also train crossbowmen, although their crossbowmen are outmatched by those trained by the Rhodoks.

Troop treeEdit

Swadian troop tree

Swadian troop tree.

Swadian Troop Tree
Lvl. 1 Swadian Recruit
Lvl. 2 Swadian Militia
Lvl. 3 Swadian Skirmisher
Swadian Footman
Lvl. 4 Swadian Crossbowman
Swadian Infantry
Swadian Man-at-Arms
Lvl. 5 Swadian Sharpshooter
Swadian Sergeant
Swadian Knight

Note: Swadian Militia upgrade to either Swadian Skirmishers or Swadian Footmen, and Swadian Footmen upgrade to either Swadian Men-At-Arms or Swadian Infantry.


The territory of the Kingdom of Swadia contains the following towns, castles, and villages:

Territory of the Kingdom of Swadia
Derchios CastleHaringoth CastleKelredan CastleReindi CastleRindyar Castle
Ryibelet CastleSenuzgda CastleTevarin CastleTilbaut Castle(WB)Vyincourd Castle

Note that over the course of the game, other kingdoms may besiege and take over these lands, and the Kingdom of Swadia may gain more. However, these places are the only ones from which you can recruit Swadians. There are Swadian recruits in Swadian villages, and also mercenaries in taverns.

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