Kill Local Merchant

Local Merchant

Given by
Time limit
Denars, Exp,
+4 relation (kill Merchant)
+2 relation (release Merchant)
Refresh rate
30 days

Kill Local Merchant is a quest obtained from lords who are visiting a town. You can get the quest by talking to the lords, who will say "I owe a considerable amount of money to a merchant in this city" and you will have to take him out.

Accepting the quest will teleport you to the streets of the city and the merchant will soon charge at you. Killing the merchant will teleport you to the castle where you can end the quest. You will earn favor, experience, and denars for the quest.

If injure the merchant enough without killing him, he will beg for mercy, to which you can reply by either killing him anyway or sparing his life. If you choose to spare him, the lord will be upset, but the quest will still finish and you will get all the rewards.

The Local Merchant is a poorly equipped peasant which means even a beginning player can easily take him out.

Since the quest plays out automatically as soon as you accept it, you don't need to worry about a time to completion limit. The quest will become available again after 30 days.

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