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Khuzait Khanate
Khuzait in brown
Faction Information
Ruler Monchug[1]
Claimant Unknown
Minor Factions Karakhergits

The Khuzait Khanate is a faction in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord.


A century before the start of Bannerlord, the Calradic Empire extended all the way to the border of the Great Grass Sea. The steppe tribes on the border, which included the Khuzaits, Nachaghan, Arkits, Khergits, and Karakhergits, were disunited. The Empire was able to keep the tribes fighting among themselves by bribing chiefs, and assassinating khans that were consolidating power.

However, two generations before the start of Bannerlord, steppe tribes from the far east pushed westward toward the Empire. Caught between a hammer and an anvil, the border tribes united in a confederacy under Urkhun the Khuzait. This confederation grew in power by conquering and raiding the most eastern extents of the Empire. Taxes and tarrifs were levied on these conquered towns and lands. Eventually the confederacy became known as a Khanate.

Urkhan ruled the Khuzait Khanate with supreme authority, not allowing vassalized clans to raid or declare war without his approval. This settled and more conventional lifestyle did not sit well with some of the more unruly clans, such as the Karakhergits. After Urkhun's death, his descendants continued to rule. However, many clans felt they should be the ones to rule the Khanate.[2]

The nine-horsetail banner is the symbol of the Khuzait Khanate.


The Khuzaits favor fast-moving and deadly horse archers.


The largest settlements in Khuzait territory are Baltakhand, Akkalat, Makeb, and Baikand.

Minor factionsEdit

The Karakhergits are a minor faction of the Khuzait Khanate.[2]



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