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Khergit banner

The banner of the Khergit Khanate.

The Khergit Khanate is a faction of Calradia ruled by Sanjar Khan, while the claimant to the throne is Dustum Khan.

In contrast to the lush heartlands of Calradia, the great steppes to the south are a vast region of dry grassland. With harsh weather and little resources of wood or ore, the one thing found in abundance here are the herds of horses that live both in the wild and domestically. It is in this arid waste that one can find the Khergits, a semi-nomadic race of hunters and horsemen who, much like their Steppe Horses, are lean, hardy, swift, and temperamental.

According to Baheshtur, the Khergits were originally from the cold steppes beyond the mountains, possibly to the east of Calradia. Although they had previously been involved in trading, raiding, settling, and hiring themselves as mercenaries to the Calradians, they did not move to their current region of the map in force until their original homeland was invaded by the Great Horde. This event drove the Khergits to move into the place they now call home, at the time held by the Vaegirs.

Starting in Khergit territory is not advised, as Steppe Bandits are both numerous and dangerous foes for new players. It is better to begin in a more peaceful area and gather a secure, relatively experienced party before moving into the steppes.

In Mount&Blade: Warband, unlike in the original Mount&Blade, the Khergit lords are called noyans.


Sanjar Khan

Sanjar Khan

Initial ruler

Dustum Khan

Dustum Khan



Akadan Noyan
Lord Akadan
Alagur Noyan
Lord Alagur
Asugan Noyan
Lord Asugan
Belir Noyan
Lord Belir
Brula Noyan
Lord Brula
Chaurka Noyan
Lord Chaurka
Dundush Noyan
Lord Dundush
Hugu Noyan
Lord Hugu
Imirza Noyan
Lord Imirza
Karaban Noyan
Lord Karaban
Kramuk Noyan
Lord Kramuk
Nasugei Noyan
Lord Nasugei
Sebula Noyan
Lord Sebula
Tansugai Noyan
Lord Tansugai
Tirida Noyan
Tonju Noyan
Lord Tonju
Tulug Noyan
Lord Tulug
Ulusamai Noyan
Lord Ulusamai
Urubay Noyan
Lord Urubay
Urumuda Noyan
Lord Urumuda


Also see Khergit Khanate Tactics.


  • Superb horse archers.
  • Good heavy cavalry.
  • Hit-and-run tactics dominate the steppes and open plains.
  • Superb ranged weaponry.
  • Best strategic maneuverability out of all factions.


  • Almost complete absence of infantry.
  • Devastated when defending castles or towns.
  • Nearly powerless when unhorsed and when not moving.


It is important to note that apart from the Khergit Tribesman, Khergit troops are completely focused on cavalry (there is a very small chance that even a Tribesman could have a horse). This not only makes for very quick battles against infantry focused factions like the Nords, often resulting in the cavalry storming and surrounding the enemy spawn point, but will make Khergit-only parties travel much faster than other armies.

The Khergits are masters of the open field, and should be used mostly with this purpose in mind. Their horses need even terrain to reach full speeds, and due to lack of armor they are easy to kill if they cannot use their speed and mobility advantage. When using the Khergits, you should attempt to lure your enemies out of their fortress and ride them down in the open. When attacking Khergits, you are best off fighting them inside a fortress, or besieging them. Don’t forget to bring large, arrow-proof shields when facing Khergit archers. Once their main line in a fortress is broken, Khergits are easy to defeat and they are essentially powerless to stop heavy infantry from taking a castle or town.

Troop treeEdit

Tier 1 Tribesman
Tier 2 Skirmisher
Tier 3 Horseman
Tier 4 Lancer
Horse Archer
Tier 5 Veteran Horse Archer


The Khergit capital is Tulga. The Khergit Khanate contains the following towns, castles and villages:

Territory of the Khergit Khanate
Asugan CastleDistar CastleMalayurg CastleSungetche CastleTulbuk Castle
Uhhun CastleUnuzdaq Castle
Ada KulunAmashkeBhulaban(WB)BulugurDashbighaDirigh AbanDugan
DusturilKedelkePeshmiTash KulunTismirr(M&B)TulbukUhhunZagush

Note that, over the course of the game, other kingdoms may siege and take over these lands, and the Khergit Khanate may gain more territory through conquest. However, these are the only places where you can recruit soldiers of the Khergit troop line.

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