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Kalmyks are medium horse archers fielded by the Muscovite Tsardom.

A branch of the Oirats and descendants of the famed Mongol hordes that rampaged across much of Asia and Eastern Europe, the Kalmyks fight in the traditional style of their ancestors and their fellow Oirats; on a horse with a bow and arrow. Uniquely distinguished from all other Muscovite troops by their foreign Eastern Armor and Eastern Broadswords, they are excellent cavalrymen and horse archers.

The upgrade of the Kalmyk, the Kalmyk (veteran), is largely the same from its un-upgraded predecessor, with the exception of slightly better fighting skills and a slightly better mount.

Tactics Edit

As a Mongol people, Kalmyks are skilled horse archers, and are deadliest if used so. Their fine Eastern Bows and Eastern Arrows have a higher piercing damage than typical Bows and Arrows, making their rain of arrows all the more deadly. Their Saddle Horses also give them enough speed to evade most enemies, even mounted ones.

However, should they run out of arrows, or if an enemy gets too close, a Kalmyk can unsheathe his Eastern Broadsword, with a reasonable cutting power, as well as a stabbing ability. It is long and acceptably fast to swing, making it a good cavalry weapon. And with their sturdy Eastern Armor, Eastern Helmets, and Eastern Boots, they have decent protection against enemy attacks of all kinds. This makes them reliable medium cavalry and medium infantry, should they lose their mounts or find themselves without one to begin with during sieges and other situations. Nevertheless, they will find it difficult to contend with massed gunpowder troops, whose firearms can pierce the Kalmyks' armor.

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Trivia Edit

  • Historically, the Kalmyks moved from their homelands in Mongolia to Kazakhstan and eventually the area around the current city of Astrakhan, where they settled and formed the Kalmyk Khanate. As the Russians, then organized in the Muscovite Tsardom, could not stop their settling, they chose to instead ally with the Kalmyks, as they could be used as auxiliary cavalry in invasions against the Muslims Turkic khanates, such as the Crimeans. This is probably why Kalmyks are found in the Tsardom's troops in-game, as these men could simply be auxiliaries on loan from the Khanate, much how Ottoman Janissaries are used by the Crimean Khanate, or Scottish soldiers used by the Kingdom of Sweden.
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