Crimean Khanate
Weekly Wages
6 thaler
Prisoners or Commander
Upgrades To...
Upgrade Cost
Exp For Kill
Ransom Value

The Jasaq is a light horse archer of the Crimean Khanate.

Armed with a bow.


Try to keep them out of direct combat. Jasaqs are fast and proficient archers. Traditional horse archer tactics are to circle the target and rain arrows on it. Given the way horse archery works in M&B this is typically a counter clockwise rotation. Pistols by contrast typically circle clockwise. Against shielded targets typically commanders try to lure the shieldwall into breaking formation at which point the archers can attempt to flank the targets and attack unshielded sides.

Against large musket blocks massed horse archers may take significant casualties while circling and it may be wiser to charge in close where the height advantage of the horses and speed of sabers can outpace the clubbing effect of muskets.

Troops of the Crimean Khanate
NomadBajrak Kapikulu
Oglan AzapJasaq Seymen Janissary
Cebelu Nogai Circassian Nokhor Mirza Chambul Asak Bey

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