Jarl Hrodulf Haraldsson
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of Friese
Monarch Konungr Hrorek Hemmingsson
Title Vassal
Gender Male
Religion Pagan

Jarl Hrodulf Haraldsson is a character in Viking Conquest. He is initially a vassal of the Kingdom of Friese. Hrodulf Haraldsson starts as the lord of Kennemer.

In the story mode, you start out working for him, but he ends up betraying you by helping Sven Bull-Neck, the man you believe to have killed your mother.

Family Edit

Jarl Hrodulf Haraldsson has no known relatives.

Kingdom of Friese
Konungr Hrorek Hemmingsson None

Jarl Harald HemmingssonJarl Gotrik HaraldssonJarl Hrodulf Haraldsson



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