Jaques de Clermont.

Jaques de Clermont is the first person you meet after the tutorial in Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword. Jaques is from the Clermont family hailing for Languedoc. His family line descends from Count Simon de Clermont. Unlike Simon, Jaques doesn’t have any great titles or vast lands. Before the player meets Jaques, he had served in the Guard of Cardinal Mazarin.

Too full of pride Jaques decided to challenge a D'Artagnan (Lt. of Royal musketeers) to a duel. Fully knowing his skill with a saber and a pistol, the guileful Gascon thought to avoid the risk, and convinced the Queen that he had secretly planned an attempt to end the life of young Louis (The Lt.). So on the night of the duel Jaques was forced to flee to Paris, now forced to wander the fields of Europe in disgrace.

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