Hunt Down Fugitive

Nervous Man

Given by
Time limit
30 days
300 denars
Relation +1 (accept)
Relation +1 (complete)
Refresh rate
30 days

This is a quest given by a lord of a friendly faction.

A lawless villain killed one of the quest giver's men, so he has put a bounty on the killer's head of 300 denars. If you wish, you can execute judgment and collect the bounty. Luckily, you're given a lead, the friends of the victim think the killer is hiding out with his kinsmen in a specific village.

Go to the mentioned village and walk around the village center during the daylight hours (the target will not be there at night). You can ask the residents of the village about your bounty, but they will not be of any help. Your target will be a man standing alone called "Nervous Man", he will usually be behind one of the houses, and as such, will be more visible by walking the perimeter rather than searching from the interior. Speaking to the man will result in a fight.

The fugitive has a surprisingly high amount of health as his Ironflesh is at least 9 and his strength over 30, but he still should be relatively easy to defeat since his equipment is anything but impressive. The fugitive is armed with a sword and throwing daggers and the armor is the same as a villager's armor.

Killing the fugitive will result in a loss of 2 relation with the village he was hiding in. To avoid this penalty, use a blunt weapon to knock the fugitive unconscious. After you return to the lord who gave you the quest, you may either accept the reward of 300 denars, or decline it as blood money for +3 Honor. You will still get +1 relation with the lord, regardless your choice. Failing the quest will lose you 1 relation with the quest giver.

Falling to the fugitive's blade will leave you knocked out. You will recover a short while later, however you will not have another chance to attack the fugitive.

This quest has a time limit of 30 days and takes 30 days to become available again.

The target will be given a randomly-generated name formed from a pool of first names (Joayah, Rulkh, Taarl, etc.) and a second pool of labels (of Jalkala, Star-Eyed, the Tall, etc.) so it is quite unlikely you will ever be tasked with killing the same man twice.