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Charging on horseback gives you the advantage of delivering couched lance damage

Horses are very important as they can give the advantage on speed (both movement speed and attack speed bonus). Each horse has its own stats so you should choose the one that fits your character. The speed of a horse can increase your attack. However, attacking on a horse while stationary will give you a damage penalty. There is an option to see how much of a penalty you received.

When outside of combat, riding a horse will generally increase your movement speed across the map unless your athletics skill is much higher than your riding skill. The horse's attributes also do not matter, meaning a Sumpter Horse has the same utility as a Charger. Adding horses to your inventory can also further improve your overland speed as well as reduce the speed penalty from carrying heavy items in your inventory. See Party speed for more information.

Horse stats

  • Horse type: There are many horse types in Mount&Blade. See tables below for more information.
  • Sell price: The selling/purchase value of the horse.
  • Armor: Reduces the damage your horse takes in battle. The higher this value is, the better. Typically this attribute is inversely proportionate to speed.
  • Speed: The maximum galloping speed of your horse, not including Riding skill modifiers. All blows delivered at higher speed in the same direction the horse is moving will cause more damage. If a blow is delivered in the opposite direction, it is possible to deal 0 damage, even to lightly armored targets. Couched lance and charge damage (see below) are directly related to this stat. All horses, even lame ones, are faster than foot troops on flat ground.
  • Maneuver: The turn rating of your horse. A horse with a higher maneuver value will make sharper turns and accelerate faster than other horses. This is highly useful for weaving in and out of danger, dashing away at the last second, and dodging enemy strikes. After an initial charge, a higher maneuver value also allows for shorter time in setting up subsequent strikes.
  • Charge: Blunt damage dealt by your horse when it collides with enemy infantry while moving at a sufficient speed. This damage is usually low regardless of how high this value is, though your horse will almost always knock your target over if you are moving at full speed. A horse with a high charge will lose less speed when it hits an enemy and will be able to push its way through more infantry before being forced to stop. Additionally a horse with high charge will not have to be moving as fast to successfully knock your target over. This can be an effective way of taking prisoners if no non-lethal weapons are available. It is also useful for getting out of danger, as a horse with a high charge rating can force itself through crowds of infantry, even after getting bogged down by the mob.
  • Hit Points: The amount of damage your horse can take before being crippled or dying.
  • Requires Riding: The level of Riding skill you need to mount the horse.

Horse typesEdit

There are a variety of horses available with a wide range of stats, your best choice depends on your specific style or needs. Some horses are larger than others, though this is not shown when looking in the item or shop menus, heavier horses are typically larger than lighter horses.

Horse Armour Speed Maneuver Charge Hit Points Riding Base Value
58 40 44 32 165 4 1811
12 50 44 12 110 2 600
Desert Horse
10 42 50 12 110 2 550
18 43 44 24 160 3 810
Practice Horse
SaddleHorseIcon a
10 40 37 14 100 - 37
Saddle Horse
SaddleHorseIcon a
8 45 44 10 100 1 240
Sarranian War Horse
58 40 44 32 165 4 1811
Sarranid Horse
10 43 54 16 120 3 700
Steppe Charger
40 40 50 28 150 4 1400
Steppe Horse
10 40 51 8 120 2 192
Sumpter Horse
14 37 39 9 100 1 134
War Horse
40 40 41 28 165 4 1224

With Fire & SwordEdit

Many of the horses in With Fire & Sword have very different stats. Due to the extremely common use of firearms, more heavily armoured horses are less useful than they were in Warband.

Horse Armour Speed Maneuver Charge Hit Points Riding Base Value
ChargerIcon b
58 39 44 32 165 4 1811
CourserIcon b
8 50 48 9 120 4 3500
Saddle Horse
SaddleHorseIcon c
6 40 40 7 100 1 900
Saddle Horse
SaddleHorseIcon d
7 40 45 7 110 2 1200
Saddle Horse
SaddleHorseIcon e
6 44 40 7 110 2 1400
Steppe Horse
SteppeHorseIcon b
7 47 45 7 100 3 2600
Steppe Horse
SteppeHorseIcon c
7 44 52 7 100 3 3000
Sumpter Horse
SumpterHorseIcon b
6 35 38 7 100 - 300
Thoroughbred Horse
ThoroughbredHorseIcon b
10 46 47 16 150 5 3750
Thoroughbred Horse
ThoroughbredHorseIcon a
10 48 52 22 150 5 4250
Troop Horse
10 42 43 12 140 4 2600
WarhorseIcon b
40 39 41 28 165 4 1224

Viking Conquest Edit

The Viking Conquest DLC only has two mounts, with mounted troops being far less common in the game world.

Horse Armour Speed Maneuver Charge Hit Points Riding Base Value
Pony 10 43 36 12 90 1 3700
Horse 16 50 40 18 100 2 6300


Like weapons and armor, horses can also come with Modifiers. However, horse modifiers are much more varied in what they change, with the "best" modifier being the one that provides boosts in the area you want your horse to excel in.

Modifier Armor Speed Maneuver Charge Hit Points Requirement Cost Modifier
Lame - -10 -5 - - - -60%
Swaybacked - -4 -2 - - - -40%
Spirited - +2 +1 +1 - - +550%
Champion - +4 +2 +2 - +2 +1350%
Stubborn - - - - +5 +1 -10%
Heavy +3 - - +4 +10 - +90%
  • A horse ridden by the player's character can be crippled in battle, becoming lame. There is also a chance that the player's horse will be killed when downed in combat, in which case it's removed from the inventory. If the player or a hero has at least 1 Wound Treatment, Lame horses heal after spending enough time in the inventory. However, horses that had any modifier, good or bad, will lose it permanently when lamed, becoming a horse of standard quality when recovered. Lame and Swaybacked horses seem to be more likely to die when they are downed.
  • A horse that is lamed will be unable to reach a high enough speed to couch a lance. The sole exception is the Courser, which has a high enough default speed that the penalty of being lame will not prevent couching.
  • Buying a lame horse is very cheap and efficient, as when kept in inventory, it provides more party speed all the time when carrying heavy trade goods, and it has the potential to recover - to lose the Lame modificator. Unfortunately, if you later sell the recovered horse, it will not sell higher than what you paid for the lame one, even with a trade skill of 10.
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