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For the heroes featured in the first games, see Heroes.

You are not the only hero in Eastern Europe. Other unique soldiers can be hired, each having individual names, stories, skills, attributes and equipment (all of which can be chosen by you).

Unlike the previous games' Heroes, Fire & Sword's Heroes' Likes and Dislikes have made having multiple heroes subsequently either easier or harder because some heroes have more than one favoured heroes (e.g. Yelisei), Ingri doesn't like Aldigras even though he likes her, has more hated heroes (e.g. Tepes), or they are special heroes that are essential to two of the three main Questlines like Colonel Zagloba of the Polish Commonwealth (Questline: The Deluge) and Mamai of the Cossack Hetmanate (Questline: The Secret of the Black Mace). Thankfully there's no one who hates raiding caravans.

List of HeroesEdit

The table below lists all of the heroes available to the player. The 'Skills' column shows each Hero's best skills.

Name Noble Likes Dislikes
Cost Skills

Yes (Lithuanian)

Ingri Fedot, Nogai, Karlsson 250 Leadership 4 Tactics/Ride 2 Athletics/Iron/Strike 1
Fatima No (Ottoman) Karlsson Nogai, Oksana, Bakhyt Retreating 300 Strike 1 Shield/Ride 3 Grenade/Athlet 4
Fedot No (Russian) Sarabun Algirdas, Oksana, Bakhyt

Robbing villages

400 Strike/Weapon 1 Athlet/Tracking 2 Path-find/Spot 3
Nogai Yes (Tatar) Priest Spasokukotsky, Oksana Fatima, Yelisei, Algirdas Starvation 300 Iron/Weapon Master/Athlet/Ride/Rideingshoot 3 Draw 2
Oksana No Colonel Zagloba, Nogai Victor De La Buscador, Karlsson, Fatima Robbing villages 300 Path-find/Wound/Surgery/Aid 2
Priest Spasokukotsky No (Swedish) Nogai, Karlsson Tepes Heavy losses Free

Loot/Aid/ Trade 2 Wound/Surgery 1

Tepes Yes (Polish) Bakhyt, Victor De La Buscador Priest Spasokukotsky, Oksana, Karlsson, Varvara Robbing villages 200 Ride/Train/Spot 2
Victor De La Buscador Yes (Spanish) Tepes, Varvara, Yelisei Karlsson, Sarabun, Oksana, Failing quests 500 Train 2 Tactics 4
Sarabun No (Cossack) Fedot, Yelisei Varvara, Algirdas Robbing villages 600 Wound/Surgery 3 Aid 4
Varvara No (Swedish or Russian) Victor De La Buscador Ingri, Tepes, Sarabun Robbing villages 200 Trade/Spot 1 Iron/Inventory/Wound 2 Strike 3
Bakhyt No (Tatar) Mamai, Tepes Fedot, Varvara, Fatima 300 Weapon 1 Loot 3 Srike/Prisoner 4
Karlsson No (Swedish) Fatima, Priest Spasokukotsky Algirdas, Tepes, Victor De La Buscador 400 Iron/Strike/Weapon Master/Athletics 2
Yelisei Yes (Russian) Victor De La Buscador, Sarabun Ingri, Nogai, Algirdas Failing quests 300 Athletics 2 Ride/Engineering 4
Ingri No (Swedish, technically) Oksana Algirdas, Sarabun, Yelisei, Varvara Heavy losses, Starvation 500 Inventory/Trade 4
WFAS Hero Stats

A chart of the With Fire & Sword Heroes' stats.

Relations WFaS

Relations in picture.

Some Compatible Teams
Mem 1 Mem 2 Mem 3 Mem 4 Mem 5 Mem 6
Ingri Tepes Fedot Nogai Zagloba Victor
Varvara Priest Karlsson Fedot Nogai
Priest Ingri Karlsson Fedot Nogai
Karlsson Ingri Priest Fedot Nogai
Fedot Ingri Tepes Nogai Zagloba Victor
Sarabun Tepes Fedot Nogai Zagloba
Algirdas Ingri Tepes Nogai Zagloba Victor
Oksana Ingri Priest Bakhyt Nogai
Nogai Ingri Tepes Fedot Zagloba Victor
Bakhyt Ingri Priest Karlsson Fedot Nogai
Fatima Ingri Tepes Fedot Zagloba Victor
Mamay Ingri Tepes Algirdas Nogai Victor
Yelisei Varvara Priest Karlsson Fedot Fatima
Victor Ingri Tepes Nogai Bakhyt Zagloba
Zagloba Ingri Tepes Fedot Nogai Victor
AlgirdasBakhytColonel ZaglobaFatimaFedotIngriKarlssonMamaiNogai

OksanaPriest SpasokukotskySarabunTepesVarvaraVictor De La BuscadorYelisei

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