Heater Shields are a type of shield similar to Kite Shields.

Heater Shields are the same size and speed as Kite Shields, but generally offer less durability with higher resistance. They are a good choice for mounted units.

There are seven different types of Heater Shields, which may also receive Modifiers.


Shield Durability Weight Resistance Size Speed True Value
Heater Shield
Heater Shield wCrest
410 3.5 2 100 80 227
Old Heater Shield
Heater Shield
160 2.0 6 72x105 96 36
Plain Heater Shield
Heater Shield
210 2.5 11 72x105 93 74
Heater Shield
Heater Shield
260 3.0 14 72x105 90 160
Heavy Heater Shield
Heater Shield
305 3.5 19 72x105 87 332
Horseman’s Heater Shield
Horseman's Heater Shield
160 2.0 16 59x79 103 229
Knightly Heater Shield
Horseman's Heater Shield
220 2.5 23 59x79 100 390

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