Ivan Vygovsky
Ivan Vygovsky
Starting Information
Kingdom Cossack Hetmanate
Monarch Hetman Bogdan Hmelnitski
Title Vassal
Gender Male

Headquarters Clerk Ivan Vygovsky is initially a vassal of the Cossack Hetmanate.

He begins the game as ruler of Kamenets. He has a unique retinue of Rank Cossacks.

Vygovsky is based on an actual person, Ivan Vyhovsky, who succeeded Bohdan Kymelnytsky as hetman of the Ukrainian Cossacks. Vyhovsky ruled from 1657-1659. He went to war against the Muscovite Tsardom, which he successfully conducted, but the opposition forced him to resign Hetman. He was succeeded by the son of Bohdan Khmelnitsky, Yurii.

Wikilogo Wikipedia has an article on this subject at:
Ivan Vyhovsky
Cossack Hetmanate
Hetman Bogdan Hmelnitski Ivan Barabash

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