The Hand of Tsannuh is a special item in the main plot quest of Warrider.

The Hand of Tsannuh is the hand of a God. With it, you can change the very fabric of life and death.

The following is a conversation between the player and the necromancer, Akhad Thell:

The sickness that threatens Uruzuge is strong. My medicine has slowed it down. But still, it keeps growing within her, carrying herself away each day. To cleanse her body of the sickness I need a talisman called the Hand of Tsannuh. It has the power to control the essence of life. Only that can save Uruzuge.
Where do I find this hand of Tsannuh?
It is held by a witch woman called Ecatha. She claims to know the hand's secrets and control its power but she's a fool. Only I, Akhad Thell, have the wisdom to use the hand of Tsannuh.

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