Table of Hand-crafted ArmorsEdit

The following is the list of Hand-crafted Armor that can be bought (only) from the Armor master.

Many of these armors can also be found in the marketplace for considerably cheaper, but also with a reduced armor rating.

Black Armor is considered the best armor in With Fire & Sword for the player character due to having the highest overall Armor rating. 

Armor Requirement (Strength) Body Armor Leg Armor Buying Price Weight Armor/Weight Ratio Armor/Cost Ratio

Hand-crafted Yushman

Hand-crafted Yushman Armor
11 51 21 72000 18.0 4 1

Hand-crafted Hussar Armor

Hand-crafted Hussar Armor
13 57 20 72000 18.0 4.28 1.07*

Hand-crafted Mirror Armor

Hand-crafted Mirror Armor
13 59 20 81000 24 3.29 0.96

Hand-crafted Armor

Hand-crafted Armor
13 58 21 90000 18 4.39 0.88

Hand-crafted Black Armor

Hand-crafted Black Armor
13 58 36 108000 20 4.7* 0.87
  • Best Armor/Weight and Armor/Cost ratios​ are marked with a *

  • Black Armor has the best Armor/Weight ratio, and the highest armor rating overall, but it also has the worst Armor/Cost ratio.
  • Hand-crafted (Winged) Hussar Armor might be considered the best cheaper armor option with a good Armor/Weight ratio, and the best Armor/Cost ratio.
  • Hand-crafted Yushman Armor is the only armor with a lower Armor requirement so may have a use for that reason, but does have a significant body armor reduction as well.
  • Hand-crafted Armor in particular, but also Mirror Armor could be considered bad investments due to having only slight armor improvements over Hussar Armor for the extra cost.

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