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Glunmar is one of the villages initially owned by the Kingdom of Rhodoks.


Glunmar map

• Player   • Elder   • Fugitive

The Village Elder is located just within the village, standing at the corner of the building directly through the main entrance.

Glunmar is built in a valley with hilly terrain all around and many tall pines in a semicircle to the back. It has a total of seven structures, including a tall look out tower, all surrounded by a high stone wall with only two entrances. Food sources appear somewhat diverse here with fields growing Cabbages and Grapes, a fenced orchard presumably growing the Apples that can be seen in baskets, an oven with sacks of Flour and Bread nearby, stored Beef, several hanging animal skins and a pile of bones, and there is a well located within the village walls. Glunmar has a foreboding atmosphere however, as the front entrance is decorated with many weapons and human skulls. What may be a partially-collapsed mine shaft can be found just to the right from where the player enters, although the interior graphics are semi-transparent and one can see through what should be solid rock.

If sent here during a Hunt down fugitive quest, the target may be found under a roof on the opposite side of the building from where the Village Elder stands.

Territory of the Kingdom of Rhodoks
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