For (Mount & Blade) Gloves, see Gloves.

Similar to others games in the series, Gloves in With Fire and Sword are a minor type of Armor that offer small bonuses to the Body Armor statistic. They are usually expensive for minimum benefits.

In the latest version of the game (v1.143), gloves' appearance seems to change from the one presented in the original Mount & Blade to the style adopted in Warband when equipped by the main character.

Like other items in Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword, there are different gloves with the same name or appearance although distinct statistics.

List of GlovesEdit

The following is a complete list of all gloves available in With Fire & Sword. Note not all might be available to the player without the use of modding or cheats.

Click [Expand] to see the whole table. Tables can be sorted by clicking on one of the boxes on the top row.

Gloves Body Armor Weight Base Value
Cavalry Gloves
3 0.25 300
Infantry Gloves
1 0.25 100
Armor Gauntlets
5 1.00 2000
2 0.25 200
Reiter Gauntlets
6 1.25 2500
Armor Gauntlets
6 1.25 2500
Battered Gloves
1 0.25 100
Leather Gloves
3 0.25 200
Fur Gloves
5 0.25 300
8 1.00 500
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