For gloves featured in Mount&Blade:With Fire & Sword, see Gloves (With Fire & Sword).

Leather Gloves from Mount&Blade and Warband, showing the style change.

Gloves are a minor type of Armor that offer small bonuses to the Body Armor statistic. They can be quite expensive for the minimal benefits they provide, even more so in the original Mount&Blade as their prices were decreased for Warband. When modifiers are applied, the price of gloves can increase drastically.

Despite the high cost, it may be a good idea to buy a set of leather gloves in the early game, as this will noticeably decrease damage taken from the likes of Looters and Forest Bandits, the main concern of a player who has just begun a playthrough.

In contrast, Viking Conquest only has Leather Gloves, which remain at a low price and have had their body armor rating improved to +6 from +2. They are not very expensive to buy and are upgraded cheaply at armorers, making them a good early investment for some extra protection.

List of GlovesEdit

The following is a complete list of all gloves available in Warband:

Gloves Body Armor Weight Base Value Modifiers
7 1.0 1040 Rusty, Battered, Crude, Thick, Reinforced, Lordly
Lamellar Gauntlets
Lamellar Gauntlets
6 0.8 910 Rusty, Battered, Crude, Thick, Reinforced, Lordly
Leather Gloves
Leather Gloves
2 0.3 90 Tattered, Ragged, Sturdy, Thick, Hardened
Mail Mittens
Mail Mittens
4 0.5 350 Rusty, Battered, Crude, Thick, Reinforced, Lordly
Scale Gauntlets
Scale Gauntlets
5 0.8 710 Rusty, Battered, Crude, Thick, Reinforced, Lordly
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