Geroia is a land located outside of Calradia, where some of the heroes hail from. Nothing more is known about this region than what little is mentioned by the heroes.

Mentions of GeroiaEdit

  • Lezalit is the second son of his father, the Count of Geroia. However, with no inheritance of his own, he went to Calradia seeking to find his own fortunes there as a drill instructor.
  • Marnid is a merchant from Geroia hoping to make a fortune in trade with Flax, only to have been robbed by Khergits and later by his own Caravan Guards.
  • Artimenner is an engineer from Geroia who sought work in Calradia, only to have one of his projects underfunded and left incomplete. With the roads full of bandits, he is eager for an armed party to both accompany and work with so that he does not return home empty handed.

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