Geography is one of the gameplay mechanics, refering to the topographical features of a region.

The Mount&Blade games create notional regions inhabited by various factions.

Mount&Blade and Warband take place in Calradia.

With Fire & Sword takes place in Eastern Europe.

Types of TerrainEdit

Terrain varies widely through both worlds ranging across:

  • Mountains feature extreme altitude changes and steep inclines. Cavalry is impaired here.
  • Steppes are mostly flat with little vegetation, excellent cavalry terrain.
  • Plains feature varied but mostly flat terrain, often featuring low hills, sparse trees and a shallow creek.
  • Forests are typically hilly with denser trees. Archers are often impaired by the limited sightlines and cavalry is hindered by the trees and inclines.
  • Tundras are usually flat or hilly, with a few trees here and there.
  • Deserts are similar to steppes, but with even less vegetation.

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