Gaelic tribes in Ireland.

Gaelic is a culture in Viking Conquest. The Gaels have 6 major factions on Ireland. They are Ui Niell of Aileach, the Kingdom of Uladh, the Kingdom of Connachta, the Kingdom of Mide, the Kingdom of Mumain, the Kingdom of Laigin, and the Tribe of Osraige. There is also the Kingdom of Laithlind on Ireland, but that is a Norse Kingdom and not a Gaelic one.


The Gaels have been in Ireland for thousands of years, and had never broken to invaders. During the Roman Era in British History, the Gaels never thought of conquering the Roman lands as they were much stronger than them. After the Roman Empire collapsed, the Gaels, along with the Picts, invaded England with an intent to conquer. They and the Picts were stopped by Anglo-Saxon mercenaries, hired by King Vortigern to stop the invasions. Although prevented in conquering England, the Gaels did not stop their attacks on Great Britian. One group, the Godiels, pushed their way into Scotland and merged with the Picts, creating the Kingdom of Alban.


Like the Britons and the Picts, the Gaels formerly worshipped the Old Celtic Gods. However, dating from St. Patrick's missions to Ireland, most Gaels were Christians.

Events in gameEdit

Like the Brittonic areas, the Gaelic countries rarely come into play in the main storyline. However, with the exception of the Kingdom of Laithlind, all Irish factions are decently strong when it comes to war with other factions.

Kingdom Capitals
Ui Niell of Aileach
Kingdom of Connachta
Kingdom of Mide
Kingdom of Mumian
Kingdom of Laigin
Tribe of Osriage
Ceall Cainnigh


The clans of Ireland are always at war with each other, so the Gaelic Kingdoms can either be strong or weak when compared to other factions.

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