Friese is a culture in Viking Conquest. The player begins in Friese and starts slightly northeast or northwest of the tutorial village of Doccinga. The capital city is Dorestad.


Prior to the game's events, Friese was a Frankish territory. The Danes later freed the disgruntled Frisians, but gave the monarchy to a Danish puppet king, Hrorek Hemmingsson. This once again sparked the rebellious fury in the Frisians.


Frisian Troop Tree


Most of the Frisians are Christians, although their rulers are mostly pagan. There is a monastery named Willibrod in the north of Friese.

Events in gameEdit

When the Woden Ric is sunk, you wash up near Doccinga and will meet with Thonkrik, the village elder.

Once he sends you on the quest to Kennemer, the Jarl quests begin. Once on To Kill a King you have a choice, help the Jarl and kill the Konungr, or rush to the coast and help Doccinga defend against Sven Bull-Neck.

Troops Edit

Frisian Troop Tree
Tier 1 Frisian
Tier 2 Frisian Horseman Frisian Warrior
Tier 3 Frisian Veteran
Tier 4
Tier 5


Even though Friese is a puppet state of the Kingdom of Denmark, they still go to war against Northymbre, another puppet state.

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