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Foragers and patrols are the reconnaissance of all With Fire & Sword nations. They spawn as parties of between 10 - 16. One can find several medium class units of their nation and a few more of lower tier units of their nation seemingly in the respective ratio of 2:3. They make it easy for someone to make enemies with other nations without tediously locating caravans. Realistically, they are more viable than large armies as they would be more likely to perform raids on villages than armies would. They are lenient in the fact that they do not chase very far, instead preferring to stick to some kind of patrolling area which most of these parties seem to follow.


Lacking a leader, their only tactic is to charge into battle mindlessly. Cavalry will overtake infantry and pepper one's forces until the infantry arrive. For example, Cossack patrols with Zaporozhian horsemen will charge first, and the Poor Cossacks will follow up behind. Regardless of size and composition, all patrols have near enough no tactics at all.