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Fearichen is a village in the very north of the Kingdom of Nords.


Fearichen map

• Player   • Elder   • Fugitive

The Village Elder is located up the hill to the left from where the player enters, standing next to a small table and stools.

Fearichen is a mountainous coastal village with the ocean on one side and mountain ranges on the other, while the local area is very rough and spotted with trees. It has a total of six structures within the village partially protected by stone walls and a watch tower or lighthouse near the shore, though it is beyond the edge of the map and inaccessible. There are some fields here growing cabbages and squash, while a line of what are most likely apple trees also grow through one of the fields, the fruit of which can be found close by. There is also bread sitting out on a table next to an oven. Three ships can be seen along the coast, but like the tower, are beyond the edge of the map and cannot be reached.

If sent here during a Hunt down fugitive quest, the target may be found around behind the first building to the player's right from where they enter, on the other side of a small stone shed.


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