Dramug Castle

Dramug Castle

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Dramug Castle is a castle belonging to the Kingdom of Vaegirs. It is featured in both Mount&Blade and Warband.


Dramug Castle lies southeast of Reyvadin near a forest and one of the river forks that divide the territory of the Vaegirs.

Its village is Vezin which is to the southeast, on the other side of the river.


Dramug Castle lies southeast of Reyvadin. It is on the border with the Kingdom of Swadia.

Its village is Tebandra which is to the east, at the base of a mountain range.


Besieging Dramug Castle requires the construction of Siege Ladders, needing 2 hours of preparation with 10 Engineer. With spikes blocking most of the entrance it is a key place to hold as it is very easy to defend. Although, on the reverse it can be hard to siege for those same reasons.

Territory of the Kingdom of Vaegirs

Curaw Khudan Reyvadin Rivacheg


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