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Dorestad is the only town and port and thereby the capital of the Kingdom of Friese. It is ruled by Konungr Hrorek Hemmingsson. In the campaign mode, it is the first city the player encounters.


Its villages are Dore Ham West and Dore Ham East



The city of Dorestad produces:

You can buy here Salt, Wine and Jewelry for low prices

Visiting this city frequently can make the player character wealthy a lot faster, as this city sells wine for about 100-200 peningas in large quantities.The wine can be sold to other towns for between 700-800 peningas. On top of that, the citizens of Dorestad buy wool for around 700-800 peningas, which is double or triple the normal price in any other town, which is also the reason why a wool weavery can't make a profit here.

They also sell salt for around 60-90 peninga and sell jewelry with prices hovering between 400-500 peningas, but the most profit can be made from the

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