Djura (veteran)


Cossack Hetmanate
Weekly Wages
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Upgrades To...
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Upgrade Cost
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Ransom Value
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Djura (veteran)s are poor, unreliable Dragoons of Cossack Hetmanate.

Tactics Edit

Being part of an irregular, militia force, Cossack Dragoons lack uniforms and weapons of regular Dragoons, so their equipment varies significantly. The best of them wield primitive Matchlock Carbines, while the poorest have nothing but Old Pistols. That said, they have average weapon skills on pair with other Dragoons, being slightly better in melee than in ranged combat.

Their main weapons being Pistols and simple sabers, and wearing simple civilian clothes instead of sturdy uniforms of regular Dragoons, Djura are arguably the worst Dragoon units in the game, weaker than Jasaqs and Volunteers.

Due to their horses, though, they can be used effectively against light musketeers and militia units.

Stats and equipment Edit

Note: Troops have a set of default stats; at the beginning of a new game, these stats are randomly adjusted for each type of troop. The following is the default set for this troop as seen within the game code and may not reflect the specific stats you will see during actual gameplay. For more information, see Troop stats.
Djura (veteran) - Default Stats and Equipment
Stat Points
Level 11
Strength 9
Agility 8
Intelligence 5
Charisma 4
Health 52
Cossack Cap, Simple Cossack Cap
Body Armor
Simple Zupan
Old Boots
Skill Points
Ironflesh 3
Power Strike 1
Grenade Throwing 0
Power Draw 0
Weapon Master 0
Shield 0
Athletics 0
Riding 4
Shooting from Horseback 5
Looting 0
Trainer 0
Tracking 0
Tactics 0
Path-finding 0
Spotting 0
Inventory Management 0
Wound Treatment 0
Surgery 0
First Aid 0
Engineer 0
Persuasion 0
Prisoner Management 0
Leadership 0
Trade 0
Weapon Type Points
One Handed Weapons 100
Two Handed Weapons 100
Polearms 100
Archery 0
Firearms 110
Throwing 0
Melee Weapons
Simple Saber, Simple Cossack Saber
Ranged Weapons
Pistol, Matchlock Carbine, Old Pistol, Bullets
Saddle Horse
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