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Dhirim is a town of the Kingdom of Swadia. Dhirim is initially owned by Lord Mirchaud in classic Mount&Blade and Count Clais in Warband.

In peace time, Dhirim is one of the richest towns in Calradia, due to its positioning. Caravans from all factions travel to this Swadian merchant hub. However in war time, Dhirim is a prime target for attack, being threatened by three other kingdoms, also meaning surrounding villages will be frequently looted, making recruitment an issue. It has to be extremely well garrisoned and protected in order for the player to keep ownership of this town, as opposing factions will almost always besiege Dhirim first when wars start. 



The town is in the eastern third of Swadia, near the border with the Kingdom of Nords to the northwest, the Kingdom of Vaegirs to the north and east and the Khergit Khanate to the southeast.

Its villages are Azgad, Balanli, Nemeja, and Ushkuru.


The town is in the middle of Calradia, surrounded by the Kingdom of Vaegirs and the Nords to the north, the Khergit Khanate to the east, the Kingdom of Rhodoks to the west, and the Sarranid Sultanate to the south.

Its villages are Amere, Burglen, Tshibtin, Ushkuru, and Yalibe. With five each, Dhirim and Shariz are the towns with the most villages.


Besieging Dhirim requires the construction of a siege ladder in classic Mount&Blade, but a siege tower in Warband, making it a harder target.


If you take part in a Tournament in Dhirim, you may be assigned any of the following sets of equipment:

  • Lance & Shield
  • Bow & Arrows, Dagger
  • Sword & Shield
  • Axe & Shield
  • Heavy Sword

Not all participants are on horses.


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Guild master location.

Dhirim produces:

Dhirim is known to sell cheap iron on occasion, but not as cheaply as Curaw. Tools and Leatherwork are also sold low here. Wool is bought here for a good price.

This is a good place to construct a mill or brewery in Warband because grain is very cheap in nearby villages.

The Guild Master in Dhirim is located just outside the keep on a terrace, which is a straight walk when 'Take a walk around the streets' is selected. The quickest way to reach him is to go to the castle, then leave via the door instead of the tab key, at which point he will be almost directly in front of the player.

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