Destroy Bandit Lair

Bandit Camp

Given by
Time limit
60 days
Relation +4, 3000 exp, 1500 denars
Refresh rate
? days

This is a quest given by a lord of a friendly faction.

You will be asked to find and eliminate a hideout for nearby bandits within 60 days. It will appear once you walk close enough to it on the map, but you can often guess its location by watching the movement of nearby bandits. Note that you cannot easily follow them back to their hideout because upon seeing you, they will abandon their original route and flee directly away from you - however you may be able to follow their tracks.

The number of bandits you must defeat is determined by your current level, but the reward is not. This means the quest can be accomplished in the early game, netting you a large amount of experience which could even be enough to level you up multiple times.

Be aware that you can bring only 7 units (including yourself) to battle, regardless how large your current army is.

Go to a town and talk to the tavern keeper in the town. Ask her what quests are available. She will tell you if this quest is available and from who. The person that is named is the owner of the town nearest the bandit camp.

The quest to save an imprisoned family member takes priority over this quest. If the owner of the town closest to the bandit camp has an imprisoned family member, you cannot get this quest. Your options are to wait until his family member is ransomed, wait until the family member escapes, or save the family member. Then the bandit quest will be available again.

This quest will sometimes not work in the first week or so, but will work normally after that.

Specific lords will give this quest so long as they do not switch allegiance. They are: