Denounce Lord
Given by
Time limit
Relation +5 (duel won)
Refresh rate

Denouncing a Lord is a quest given by one vassal against another. All you have to do is ask a lord if there's a way you can advance your standings in the realm together while they are at a castle, town or on the Overland map by themselves. If there are other lords nearby, they will tell you: Perhaps we can discuss this in a more private setting.

The next time you encounter the target lord, you will be given a speech option to denounce him among the usual speech options. After you denounce him, he will (usually) challenge you to a duel. You can withdraw what you said and apologize, causing you to fail the quest and lose relationship with both the lord you were going to denounce and the lord you accepted the quest from. Alternatively, you can accept the challenge to fight him and complete the mission, which will subtract 20 relationship points from the lord you denounced and add around 5 points to the one you helped.

Due to the highly disproportionate exchange in relation, this quest is not advisable if you wish to be on relatively good terms with everyone.

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