Custom Battle Setup Screen

Custom Battle Setup Screen

Custom battles are a feature available only in Mount&Blade: Warband. You have access to armies of factions (including outlaws) of up to 200 men (25 trial) and several characters.

There are 3 sliders that change the percentage of troops of each type (cavalry, infantry, archers). Interestingly, if, say the Khergit Khanate had 36% infantry out of 100 men, they will have 36 Dismounted Lancers. These troops can also be fought with or against with multiplayer bots. There are 2 other unique troops that don't appear in single player normally, Nord Scouts and Rhodok Scouts (cavalry).

The player can control one of eleven characters in a custom battle:

There are five different maps in Custom Battle, split up into three Game Types:

  • Battle
    • Farmhouse
    • Oasis
    • Tulbuk's Pass
  • Seige Offence
    • Haima Castle
    • Ulbas Castle
  • Seige (Defence)
    • Haima Castle
    • Ulbas Castle

Classic Mount&BladeEdit

The original Mount&Blade had "scenarios" instead. There were 5 scenarios:

  • Skirmish 1
  • Skirmish 2
  • Siege Defense
  • Skirmish 3
  • Siege Offence

In all of the above, you have a set lord or lady, and fight a set amount and tier of units of a set faction.