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Crimean Arms

The symbol of the Crimean Khanate.

Crimean Khanate is one of the Nations of Eastern Europe featured in Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword. It is led by Khan Islam Giray. It is a protectorate of the Ottoman Empire. The Crimeans are Tartars who live in the southern part of Eastern Europe, while the Khanate is the remnant of the once-great empire of Genghis Khan and The Khanate Of The Golden Horde. Its "Capital" is Bakhchisaray. It is located in the south-east part of the map.

Rulers Edit

Khan Islam Giray

Initial ruler

Mehmed Giray



Baesid-khan Ahmed-Pasha Imad-pasha Mirza Enikey
Mirza Yanmamed Shirin-bey Mirza Davletshi Bukryn-bey
Baryn-bet Argun-bey Sedjet-bey Mansur-bey
Yashlav-bey Mirza Argyn Mirza Agish Mirza Divey
Mirza Appak Mirza Karach Mirza Yelchy Uzyn-bey



  • Excellent horse archers.
  • Reliable heavy cavalry.
  • Good elite light infantry and Janissary corps.


  • Unreliable musketeers (Seymen).
  • Lacking in cavalry-fighting infantry.
  • No heavy infantry.

Crimeans are similar to the Khergit Khanate faction of Warband, since they're both Mongol Based. All Crimean cavalry is discounted, making it easier to build up large armies. Crimean Khanate is the only faction that has access to shields for all of their classes besides the Polish Mercenaries. Crimean marksmen can wield bow or musket, although they are significantly more accurate and deadly with a bow. Ottoman Janissaries (sent by the Ottoman Empire) have been said to be the best marksmen available. The Masterwork Good Yataghan is the fastest weapon in the game. It is a knifelike, single-edged blade with a characteristic design. This weapon, in combination with a shield, makes Crimean marksmen and Janissaries a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, Crimeans do not have any native infantry, only marksmen, so the yataghan is best used by Ottoman Azaps (melee infantry), which are hard to recruit because they are not native to Crimea.

Crimean tactics against wagon forts consist of dismounting any ranged troops and firing a barrage of missiles, covering the melee troops' charge inside.

Troop treeEdit

Garrison Commander

Mercenary Commander

Personal Guard Commander

Heavy Cavalry Commander

Guard Commander

Cavalry Commander

Infantry Commander




Village Recruits


The territory of the Crimean Khanate starts with the following Towns, Fortresses, and Villages.

Territory of the Crimean Khanate
Izmail FortressKafaKalanchak FortressKezlev FortressKilburun Fortress
Kyzyl-yar FortressPerekop


  • The Crimean Khanate was founded when certain clans of the Golden Horde Empire decided to cease their nomadic life in the Kypchak Steppes and decided to make Crimea their yurt (homeland).
  • The Khanate became a protectorate of the Ottoman Empire when the Ottomans intervened in the first khan's sons' struggle for power. The Ottoman sultan enjoyed veto power over the election of a new khan, and the Ottomans annexed the Crimean coast, but recognized the legitimacy of the khanate rule of the steppes, as the khans were descendants of the famous Genghis Khan.
  • The royal Giray family, the rulers of the khanate, still lives to this day, living in Turkish cities such as Bursa and Istanbul, and in other countries as well.
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