The default controls of the game (M&BW)

Like every game, Mount & Blade has controls.

There are a lot of control types - Movement, Orders, Equip Items and more.


The default controls of the game (M&BW) (continue)

All the controls can be changed by pressing on the button next to the button explanation and then pressing the button you want to replace for the button explanation.

These are the default controls of the game.

Map ControlsEdit

Map controls

The map controls and the 'Take Screenshot' hotkey.

The map controls are the controls used when you are in the overworld.

These keys CANNOT be changed.

All the controls can be replaced by the mouse except the "Wait" button.

Under the map controls there is the "Take Screenshot" button the keys are Ctrl + Insert.

Undocumented/'hidden' controls Edit

  • Ctrl+Space: makes you move a lot faster in the overworld.
  • Space+Ctrl: If you press Space first and Ctrl second, you will wait on the spot on the map you're in, but time will also pass much faster.
  • Ctrl+J: 'stuns' the horse you're riding (as if it just hit a wall).
  • Ctrl+left click: Holding control while left clicking on an "upgrade to..." button upgrades all eligible troops simultaneously, rather than just one. You can also use this for garrisoning, selling prisoners, and disbanding troops.
  • Shift+left click: Functions similarly to Ctrl+left click as explained above, but changes the amount to 10 troops at once. However, it does not work when upgrading troops.
  • Using cheats can unlock a big multitude of hidden controls.

Visual map Edit


Visual map of Mount&Blade: Warband controls.

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