In Mount&Blade: Warband each hero has connections in a particular town.

You can ask the hero to go gather intelligence from them about the faction that owns the town. The information is generated when the hero returns, so if a town is captured the information will cover the new faction instead of the original faction.

It takes up to 5 days and provides information about:

  • Instability in the faction (% of lords disgruntled, % restless)
  • Rivals of each lord (lords having a quarrel)
  • Relation of each lord with liege

List of Towns by HeroesEdit

Town Hero
Dhirim Lezalit
Durquba Artimenner
Halmar Jeremus
Ichamur Borcha
Jelkala Bunduk
Khudan Klethi
Praven Katrin
Reyvadin Alayen
Sargoth Marnid
Suno Nizar
Tihr Deshavi
Tulga Baheshtur
Uxkhal Firentis
Veluca Rolf
Wercheg Matheld
Yalen Ymira

NOTE: Artimenner says Narra at the start of the game, but it's impossible to get intelligence from there since it's fixed to Durquba within the first day.

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