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The Commander is hirable from the mayor when you own a town or other fortress in Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword. His function is to make training of several units possible from the town centre. When you buy troops like his, he gives you 2 amounts: thalers and coppers. Coppers is basically how many days it will take to finish training the troops.

There are several types of commanders:

  • Commander: Without him you can't recruit any unit, even if you have a mercenary commander etc., he lets you hire low-tier units like militia, which cost a mere 10 thalers.
  • Mercenary Commander: This commander lets you hire regional mercanaries, like German mercanaries for Polish, Ottoman mercanaries for Crimeans, Scottish mercanaries for the Swedes, Eastern Mercanaries for the Russians and Mongolian mercanaries for the Ukrainians.
  • Guard Commander:
  • Heavy Cavalry Commander:
  • Personal Guard Commander: The last commander costs a massive 10,000 thalers. He lets you train the elite unit of your faction, like Winged Hussars and Noble Guard. Each of these units cost about 150 thalers. These can be hired 3 at a time.

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