Collect taxes


Given by
Time limit
Relation +1 (accept)
Relation +2 (complete)
Relation -1 (fail)
Refresh rate
20 days

Collect Taxes is a quest given by various lords. This quest requires the player to head to a fief owned by the lord and collect taxes from the residents. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days and is similar to when the player waits on the map or in a town. During this time, the player will receive alerts for events that happen in-game and they will receive random sums of money.

Occasionally, a message alert will appear notifying the player that the peasants are getting restless and that further collection may incite them to rebel. The player is given the option to ignore them and continue with tax collection, or reduce the collection by half (the player is warned that this may cause a loss of relations with the quest giver). Upon ignoring the peasants, there is a chance (percentage unknown) that they will revolt against the player, forcing the player and a few members of their party to fight off several poorly armed peasants using only Quarter Staffs.

Upon successful collection of taxes, the player will receive a notification that the quest has been completed, and they will lose relations with the fief that the taxes were collected from.

To receive their reward, the player must speak to the quest giver to return the tax collections, at which time the lord will give a fifth of the money to the player as thanks and their relation will increase.

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