Collect debt from lord
Given by
Time limit
+1 relation (accept)
+2 relation (complete)
Refresh rate
20 days

This quest is about getting one lord's debt even with another lord. You have to persuade the lord holding the debt to pay the lord he owes the debt to. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Bribe him, usually costs a lot of denars (5000 or more)
  2. Take advantage of a past favor (needs decent relations with lord, results in more than -5 relation with lord)

If you feel the need to save some money or relation, you can persuade the lord to decrease the amount of denars you need to pay him or decrease how much relation you lose if you use favors. Be careful, because without much persuasion skill, you may end up having to pay the lord more than before, because he "isn't convinced".

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