Base Value
75 Mount and Blade mini logo / 95 Mount and Blade Warband mini logo denars
95 Fire and Sword mini logo thalers
Goods Type
Food Quantity
Morale Bonus
+6 Mount and Blade mini logo / +8 Mount and Blade Warband mini logo
+3 Fire and Sword mini logo
No Mount and Blade mini logo
Yes Mount and Blade Warband mini logo, Fire and Sword mini logo
Made From...
Made Into...

Chicken is a food item that provides a good morale bonus, tying with bread for the highest available bonus in Warband, however this comes with the downside of spoilage. The bonus of this food is significantly less in With Fire & Sword.

Chicken is fairly common. It may be found for sale in the marketplace or while raiding, but it is not often available when trading with villages.


Chicken will go through several stages over the course of five days before it becomes completely rotten:

  1. Chicken
  2. Fresh Chicken
  3. Day-old Chicken
  4. Two Days-old Chicken
  5. Smelling Chicken
  6. Rotten Chicken

Despite the degradation of the food, the morale bonus remains constant until the chicken is fully rotten, at which point it is no longer edible and provides no bonus.

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