War Hammer stats

A weapon with the Cannot be used on horseback trait.

Cannot be used on horseback is a trait given to various oversized melee weapons, Crossbows, as well as the Board Shields, which disallows them to be used from horseback.

In the case of Crossbows, this designation indicates that they actually can be shot from horseback, but can only be reloaded while dismounted. However all weapons can still be equipped, meaning a horse could be used purely for mobility and then dismounted to use the full array of heavy weapons.

Weapons with this traitEdit


With Fire & SwordEdit

  • Pike
  • Halberd
  • Some firearms
  • Some two handed swords/polearms
Special Weapon Effects and Traits
Bonus against shieldsCan crush through blocksCannot be used on horseback
Can't be used to blockCouched lance damageModifiersNo shieldUnbalanced

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