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Buillin is a village of the Kingdom of Nords.


Buillin map

• Player   • Elder   • Fugitive

The Village Elder is located almost directly straight forward from where the player enters, on the right side of the path, under a porch roof and next to some stools.

Buillin is set in a valley with steep mountain ridges on either side and some trees scattered throughout. It has a total of six structures, one of which is a windmill, while stone walls encircle much of the village. There are several fields here growing wheat, cabbages, grapes, and squash. There are also some small trees in the wheat field which are probably apple trees with baskets of their fruit nearby, as well as a couple ovens and a large amount of bread. Hanging animal pelts and fur bundles also indicate hunting activity. On the left side of the village, through a pass between the mountains, is a small graveyard.

If sent here during a Hunt down fugitive quest, the target may be found behind the building on the far end of the village from where the player enters, next to a covered table and oven.

Territory of the Kingdom of Nords
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