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Brytenwalda is a total conversion mod for Mount&Blade: Warband. The mod is very popular with the Mount&Blade community and is rated highly due to its detail and immersion.


The mod is set in 7th century Britain where the wounds from the multitude of foreign invaders ravaging the country are still healing. The Roman Legions have long gone, Jutes, Saxons and Angles have invaded at a time of turmoil and are all but ready to take advantage of the current power vacuum, they have travelled from Northern Germania after being pushed west by the Huns and other peoples from the steppes.

The remaining Celtic tribes have been pushed west into the area we now know as Wales and proud of their traditions continue to thrive albeit fragmented and awaiting a warrior king who will unite the warring tribes and build a strong resistance against the Germanic marauders.

North of Hadrians wall the Picts after many battles and skirmishes had refused to bow down to Roman rule despite the Romans having built a second wall (The Antonine Wall) roughly 100 miles north of Hadrians wall and retained their independence to this day carrying on with their own beliefs and tradition that they will fight for. Not all is as it seems the Picts themselves are not united and threats from the Germanics south and the Kingdom of Dál Riata from the north of Ireland threaten the resistance of the Pictish kingdoms.

Across the sea, Ireland is ravaged by constant clan wars with no true victor, multiple kingdoms vie for the control for the heart of the green jewel. Only by gaining full control of Ireland can any king wish on taking his kingdom beyond the Irish sea and take on the many peoples of mainland Britain.

To unite Britain and Ireland, a strong hero of legend is needed. They will be Brytenwalda, High King of Britain.


  • Extensive alterations to provide accurate factions and geography
  • Custom Quests
  • 4 Religions
  • Supply Wagon
  • Hidden areas that act as 'dungeons' for the player (slavers hideouts, druid cult etc).
  • A huge number of clans to side with...or destroy
  • Completely remodeled units for each tribe/nation
  • More Heroes
  • Unique Characters like Brytenwalda Oswald and Choncobor
  • Special weapons like Hrunting

Viking ConquestEdit

Brytenwalda became the official mod Viking Conquest, a total-conversion DLC pack created for Mount&Blade: Warband, made by the developers from Brytenwalda and TaleWorlds.

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