Anglo-Saxon England

Anglo-Saxon and Brittonic Kingdoms in England.

Briton is a culture in Viking Conquest. There are five Brittonic Kingdoms: The Cornish Kingdom Cornubia, the Welsh Kingdoms of Gwynedd, Glywyssing, and Brycheiniog, and the Lowland Scottish Kingdom of Alt Clut.


Britons inhabited Great Britain for thousands of years and they were dominate across England. They were close relatives of the Picts of Scotland and the Gaels of Ireland. After the Anglo-Saxons settled in England in the early 5th century, the Britons were either killed, assimilated by the Anglo-Saxons, or pushed to the edges of the island, forming the countries seen in the game.


The Britons are traditionally polytheistic, worshipping the old Celtic gods, but after the missions of St. Augustine, most Britons were Christian.

Events in gameEdit

While the player does not go into any of the Briton lands for the main storyline, the Kingdoms of the Britons are usually small and not strategic places, making them easy targets for stronger factions.

Troops Edit


Troop Tree

Briton Troop Tree
Tier 1 Briton Serf
Tier 2 Briton Skirmisher Briton Freeman
Tier 3 Briton Archer Briton Horseman Briton Spearman Briton Warrior
Tier 4 Standard Bearer Briton Elite Spearman Champion
Tier 5 Briton Noble Bodyguard
Kingdom Capitals
Kingdom of Cornubia
Kingdom of Gywnedd
Ynys Mon
Kingdom of Glywyssing
Caer Dyf
Kingdom of Brycheinoig
Kingdom of Alt Clut
Dun Breatann


The Brittonic Kingdoms could declare war on any faction, even ones with similar cultures or positions.

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