Bring back runaway serfs


Given by
Time limit
? days
Relation +2, ? exp, ? denars
Refresh rate
20 days

Bring back runaway serfs is a quest given by a lord of a friendly faction. The lord will have a "Pitiless" personality type. Accepting this quest makes Marnid, Jeremus and Ymira unhappy.

Upon exiting the town menu, three groups of peasants (called Serfs) will appear from the town. These small groups are trying to emigrate to another town mentioned by the quest giver, but you are forced to wait for an hour before you're able to do anything.

When you talk to them, you get the options to let them go which will boost your relation with the village they originated from, or tell them to return which does the opposite. Be sure to keep fairly close to those you tell to return; if you wander too far, they will try to run again. Each of the three groups must be spoken to separately and each will give +1 relation for +3 total with the village if all three are let go.

If you decline the quest, fail, or tell the lord you cannot complete it, then you will lose 1 relation with him. If you intentionally let the serfs go, you will lose 10 with him.


It is highly recommended to have a high Path-finding skill in order to catch them faster. When the serfs are out of sight, decent Tracking and Spotting skills are useful as well.

If you don't wish to do this quest, the best option overall is to accept the quest, talk to and let all three serfs go, then return to the lord who gave you the quest and tell the lord you don't want to do it. The net result is -1 relation with the lord and +3 relation with the village. The drawback is it can potentially upset six companions.

If you do wish to do this quest, talk to each serf and tell them you are letting them go free for +1 relation. Then immediately talk to the serfs again and tell them you've changed your mind for -1 relation. The net result is 0 with the village.

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