A board shield inventory icon and the stats on a heavy one.

Board Shields are the some of the largest and strongest shields in the Mount&Blade series. The Fur Covered Shield is the only shield with a higher size attribute.

Broad and tall, they are based on Roman scuta or medieval pavise shields and offer excellent protection to their users. However, because they are so big and unwieldy, they cannot be used on horseback. They are used by almost all Rhodok troops.

Board shields are probably one of the best shields to use during siege battles, because they will soak up any amount of missile fire when attacking and can form an effective mobile barricade when defending.

There are four different types of Board Shields, which may also receive Modifiers.


Shield Durability Weight Resistance Size Speed True Value Other
Old Board Shield
Old Board Shield
280 3.5 4 85x143 89 60 Cannot be used on horseback
Plain Board Shield
Old Board Shield
360 4.0 8 85x143 85 114 Cannot be used on horseback
Board Shield
Board Shield
430 4.5 10 85x143 81 210 Cannot be used on horseback
Heavy Board Shield
Board Shield
550 5.0 14 85x143 78 370 Cannot be used on horseback

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