For the quest, see The Secret of the Black Mace.

The Black Mace is an unique item available in Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword. It is a very powerful, top tier weapon and can be found late in the game, after completing many quests. The Black Mace is a unique weapon and only one can be found in the game; if lost, it is gone for good.

How to findEdit

The secret of the Black Mace is the main quest, and to complete it, you must for example rebel against the Polish republic and Cossack Hetmanate (don't rebel before you are asked to, as it may cause Black Mace to be unobtainable).


The Black Mace deals enough damage to generally knock enemies out in one hit, even if they have good armor. Having Hand-Crafted Black Armor and the Black Mace makes a character almost invincible when fighting against infantry. Its weapon reach is only 60, but it can still be used effectively while riding a horse. It is especially useful during siege battles.

Black Mace HQ

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