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Base Value
103 80 80 120
20.0 20.0 20.0 20.0
Food Quantity
70 50 50 150
Morale Bonus
+7 +7 +2 +7
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Goods Type
Made From...
Made Into...

Beef is a food item that provides a good morale bonus, but it is one of the foods that spoils over time. This makes beef useful only when your army can consume it quickly, or in emergencies when there is nothing else to eat.

Beef is normally for sale in the marketplace, 1-3 units at a time. It is also available when slaughtering cattle acquired by raiding villages, or by trading with the Village Elder. If cattle are received for free and profits are desired, herd the cows toward a town and kill some until your inventory is full. Then go into town, sell all the meat, and repeat this process until all cattle are dead.


Beef will go through several stages over the course of five days before it becomes completely rotten:

  1. Beef
  2. Fresh Beef
  3. Day-old Beef
  4. Two Days-old Beef
  5. Smelling Beef
  6. Rotten Beef

Despite the degradation of the food, the morale bonus remains constant until the beef is fully rotten, at which point it is no longer edible and provides no bonus.

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